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Quality Painting

Echerer offers quality painting services for both industrial and commercial properties. All of our work is performed by experienced, fully-trained painters who specialize in the application of protective and specialty paints and coatings. We are able to handle both interior and exterior jobs of all sizes and layouts, having successfully completed projects for hospitals, churches, retail stores, factories, and much more.

Industrial Painting/Factory Shutdowns

Echerer has the ability and manpower to perform time-sensitive, quality work in an industrial setting. If a factory or industrial facility opts to shut down for a short period of time in order to perform maintenance and repairs, Echerer will work within the given time-constraints to provide prompt and quality painting services.

High Rise Painting

A high rise project can be a daunting task for some, but Echerer takes pride in having experience in these types of painting and restoration projects. We have extensive knowledge of painting as well as knowledge with the scaffolding, rigging, and suspended access equipment required for high rise jobs. Echerer will always find a way to work with the layout of any facility and is able to work on both the exterior and interior of buildings.

Special Coatings

As highly-trained and certified special coatings specialists, Echerer offers faux finishes, Duroplex finishes, illuminations, and much more to our clients. Whether the project requires a sparkly, star-filled ceiling or impact and abuse resistant wallcoverings, Echerer ensures quality and professionalism with every service.


No matter the type of commercial building or industrial structure, surfaces with potential moisture exposure should be waterproofed. Echerer has the ability to perform waterproofing services on both mid and high rise buildings, protecting surfaces such as basements, balconies, brick exteriors, and more. Echerer's waterproofing services assure that your surfaces and structures are protected from the threats of mold and mildew as well as other moisture hazards.


Echerer's sandblasting services ensure that an industrial or commercial building is thoroughly cleaned and prepped prior to any painting services being performed. Sandblasting allows us to strip and smooth a surface of foreign material in order to prepare it for painting or coating.


Having specialized in many healthcare-related projects, Echerer is experienced in Epoxy/Urethane coatings. We are able to provide surfaces with the sanitation and quality coatings that are required in the medical and science fields.